Achieving agriculture 3.0

Farming has worked differently since the Third Agricultural Revolution. It is driven by data, and is often referred to as “digital farming”. Agriculture 3.0 is characterised by the large-scale use of data to drive food production to levels that far outperform the two previous agricultural revolutions: mechanisation and genetic modification, respectively. Data produced by customised farming software products, weather stations, satellite imagery, leaf and soil samples, as well as irrigation systems, are measured and analysed to optimise yield, efficiency and profitability.

Some of our work with agricultural operations

Matogen Applied Insights is a digital farming expert who works with agricultural businesses to solve problems in efficiency, environmental impact, production and profit. We leverage international best practices from the fields of statistics and machine learning in synergy with clients’ agricultural expertise to examine trends and impart data-driven insights. This empowers our clients to make better decisions towards more efficient farming practices, saving time and money, as well as limiting wastage and reducing risk.

Undertakings within the farming industry include systems such as dashboards, bots and electronic alerts for weather risk and crop protection, spraying conditions, as well as plant disease image recognition. In addition, the analysis of agricultural data allowed for the identification of trends in growth phases, nutrient deficiencies and irrigation. However, it is within the realm of predictive analytics that Matogen Applied Insights’ unique approach and cooperative capabilities position it favourably to contribute towards the Third Agricultural Revolution. Completed forecasting projects range from the prediction of crop disease risk and plant nutrient deficiency, as well as optimal harvest date and irrigation practices.

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