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We love data, but we love intelligent decision-making derived from clean, optimised data more. It seems simple, but managing data sets at scale, and applying the correct analytical approaches, require deep expertise combined with excellent data architecture.

That is why we partnered with Databricks, the leading platform to handle all your data, analytics and AI use cases. Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform helps organisations accelerate innovation with a modern lakehouse architecture that unifies data engineering, data science, machine learning and analytics within a single collaborative platform.

For our clients in the financial, agricultural and healthcare industries, our partnership brings exciting opportunities to bring existing solutions into one platform. And beyond these industries, the Matogen Applied Insights and Databricks partnership is geared to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

For financial services and fintech

Unify data and AI on an open and collaborative platform that empowers you to minimise risk, deliver superior customer experiences and accelerate innovation:

Governed approach to risk management and compliance

Simplify the complexity of regulatory reporting, risk management and compliance by securely streamlining the acquisition, processing and transmission of data to empower better data governance practices.

Personalised products and services

Utilise a variety of data – from market to alternative data – to enable hyper-personalised experiences that drive cross-selling opportunities, customer satisfaction and share of wallet.

Real-time insights, smarter decisions

Rapidly ingest all your data sources at scale to make better investment decisions, quickly detect new fraud patterns and bring real-time capabilities to risk management practices.

Open data sharing and data monetisation

Bring together vast amounts of internal and third-party data to share innovative financial solutions, monetise new data products and deliver advanced analytics capabilities to any cloud or tool without getting locked into proprietary technologies.

For agriculture and emerging agtech, ingest large volumes of data to develop a big-picture view of the agricultural landscape:

Accurate predictions garnered from big data

With metrics measured hourly for millions of locations, and including diverse data sources, weather stations and proprietary data, agricultural projects can plan for the future. Matogen Applied Insights has proven success with predicting crop yield, modelling plant nutrient levels and examining maximum residue limits on fruit in South Africa and globally.

Manage risk

Using Databricks to process and analyse weather data, and combine it with proprietary agricultural sector data – including telemetry readings, soil and leaf sample data, and harvest dates – we produce statistical models to anticipate and plan for adverse events.

Sustainable farming operations

Through precision agriculture, farming operations can improve harvest quality and yield, reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and optimise water usage.

For healthcare

Accelerate research and improve patient outcomes on an open, collaborative platform for data and AI:

360° view of the patient bring together all of your structured and unstructured data — patient, R&D and operations — on a single platform for analytics and AI. With a holistic view of the patient journey, organisations can deliver more personalised treatments.

Real-time analytics, real-time operations rapidly ingest and process streaming data from anywhere to power real-time analytics, with applications ranging from managing hospital bed capacity to optimising the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Infinite scale for population-level studies quickly and reliably analyse data for millions of patients with a scalable platform in the cloud. With population-scale insights, organisations gain a more complete view of health trends and in turn can develop better therapeutics.

ML-powered drug discovery and patient care unlock the power of machine learning to better understand diseases and predict health needs. All your data is seamlessly connected with a full suite of collaborative tools for advanced analytics.

Read more about how Databricks can improve decision-making in healthcare settings. 

Some technical details

Databricks is a data analytics platform made by the creators of Apache Spark. The platform speeds up innovations by synthesising engineering, data science and business operations. The program is maximised for businesses that are involved in financial services, advertising, public sectors, enterprise technology software, telecommunications, energy and utilities, healthcare, industrial sectors, media and entertainment, and internet technology.

As a cloud-native platform, Databricks also allows collaboration with different programming languages such as Python, SQL, R, and Scala for machine learning models. The interactivity of the platform makes it easier for users to visualise by point and click and scripting options such as D3, ggplot, and matplotlib.

The multilevel data security of Databricks is another benefit that is inherent in the platform, which has options for adjusting access whether for identity management, fine-grained or role-based controls, data encryption, auditing, and compliance standards.

If you’d like to find out more about Databricks, get in touch to schedule a call.

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